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8 Vital Reasons For Filling Nitrogen Gas In Your Vehicle Tyres

8 Vital Reasons For Filling Nitrogen Gas In Your Vehicle Tyres
Have you ever thought that filling of Nitrogen gas in the tires of your vehicle would help in the maintenance of the tire? Well, today in this article we will discuss as to why Nitrogen gas is must for our car and bike tires.

Nitrogen is a chemical substance which is non-flammable in nature. It is a non-toxic gas and belongs to the family of inert gases. The property of inert gases is that they do not fuse with any other gas at any temperature. The fundamental nature of nitrogen is to keep minimum moisture inside the tires.

Since nitrogen gas is cooler than the naturally compressed air, it makes the car useful in any driving conditions. How come? Since the stress level on the tire, while moving is less, it means that the tire remains cool. Due to less temperature, the wear and tear of the tire are also less.

After long hours of running the temperature of the tires become very high and has a tendency to burst. So, filling of a tire with nitrogen gas reduces the chances of explosion by 90%. This becomes a lifesaver on the highway where high-speed and long hours, both pose a threat to the car and its passengers.

So filling your car tires with nitrogen gas causes no harm but the benefits you get by filling it should be commensurate with your usage. I came across most of the articles stating that filling of nitrogen gas in car tires makes no sense if you are a city user or driving on highways at 70-80 km/hr.

But, to be very frank and honest with my reader's I would like to tell you that you can fill your tires with nitrogen gas no matter whatever may be the condition. After going through the benefits of this gas why would it make no sense in filling it? I, myself, has filled my car tires and as well as my two wheelers with N2 gas. You can opt for one year membership for your car at around INR 300-500 and two-wheelers at INR 250. Once you fill your vehicle with N2 gas check it every three months for tire pressure. In the end, they close your tire filling nozzle with a green cap indicating that your tire is filled with nitrogen gas.

So, the eight important reasons for filling your vehicle tires with nitrogen gas are as follows:-

It maintains proper inflation 3-4 times longer. You need not fill your tires or check it every time for gas pressure.
It reduces puncture. In the case of tubeless tires, it becomes more beneficial.
Superior handling of the vehicle in all-weather conditions.
It is mostly used in racing cars (F1) and aircraft tires.
Saves your fuel up to 10%.
Your tire life becomes longer.
Decrease in wheel corrosion due to the absence of moisture unlike in the case of regular air it contains moisture.

It does not catch fire since nitrogen is an inert gas. (For your knowledge, inert gases are those who do not undergo chemical reactions under a given set of conditions).
So don't keep a doubt about filling your vehicle tires with N2 gas. I give you my word, and hopefully, you can trust me. You will find this gas at large outlets of tire showrooms and repair shops. Some of them are Bridgestone, Ajmera tires and similar like that. Well, I filled it from Ajmera tires. There would be many gas filling stations in your city, and the cost would vary not only from city to city but also vary with each shop.

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