Friday, September 9, 2016

Is It Feasible To Get Your BMW Or Mercedes-Benz Car Serviced At A Local Garage?

Having luxurious cars like BMW and Mercedes-Benz in it-self is pride for an owner. But along with this it also imperative for the owners of these cars to look after their proper maintenance to enjoy flawless driving of their beloved car. Therefore when it comes to servicing of these cars as a general practice, the owners of these cars prefer to get them serviced at a local garage in front of their eyes to enjoy peace of mind about the service. For most of the people, this might be quite surprising as getting such expensive cars serviced at local garage might be fairly risky as most of the mechanics working in these garages are a novice. Whereas getting the car serviced from the original dealer of car assures you that your car is in the hands of experts.

However, the fact is that all these are myths which are developed by the experiences experienced by the people. But, the fact is that not all the local garage operators are same, most of the garages are constituted by the group of experienced and trained mechanics who are well-versed with complete mechanism of your beloved car and offer their services at quite lower costs as compared to charges taken by the mechanics working at dealer's workshop. The first reason which seems to be responsible for getting the car serviced from BMW or Mercedes-Benz dealership is due to warranty offered by the original manufacturer of the car. Going through this belief most of the car owners prefer to get their car serviced at their dealership. Whereas the picture at the other side is completely different and surprising.

According to EC Block Exemption Regulation Act, the owners of BMW cars can get their car serviced from any of the authorized garages for these cars without affecting warranty or any other endorsement made by the manufacturer regarding the performance of the car. The act further entitles the local garage operators to strictly make use of Original Equipment "Matching Quality" parts for replacing the defective parts and changing the oil, and fuel filters, etc. Use of original parts as manufactured by the original manufacturer is helpful in offering peace of mind to the car owners to a huge extent.

Not only this the local garage offering the service of BMW is also expected to follow the service schedule of the car in accordance to service maintenance chart determined by the original manufacturer. Various motorists believe that the private servicing operators are not aware of the service table of their vehicle, whereas the reality is that these garages are capable of collecting the history of your vehicle from the database provided by the original manufacturer. This information facilitates them to inspect only those parts which require intensive checking and which would have been changed by the franchise of their car. The Block Exemption Regulation bounds all the garage operators to offer the same level of service to their customers as the dealer would have offered them.

Talking about the other benefits which you can enjoy by getting your car serviced at these garages is that these garage operators do not have extra servicing stations and therefore they are free from the tension of investing funds towards the maintenance of those stations. As the result of this their service charges are quite reasonable as compared to charges charged by dealers.

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Well, the above-mentioned factors are not only feasible for BMW car owners, but also for the owners of Mercedes-Benz car too, they can also get their car serviced by franchise dealer with an expectation of getting the car serviced by the trained technicians. Whereas the fact is that going through the EC Block Exemption Regulation Act the owners of Mercedes-Benz car can also get their car serviced from any of the garage having expertise in their servicing without invalidating their warranty period.

So, now if you have any doubt regarding the working of local garages specializing in BMW & Mercedes-Benz Servicing then you can visit them without any second thoughts of invalidation of your warranty record and also see their working culture before handing your car to them for servicing.

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