Monday, December 26, 2016

Are Electric Vehicles Ever Going To Outnumber Gasoline Cars In The USA?

Are Electric Vehicles Ever Going To Outnumber Gasoline Cars In The USA?
Many believe that one day, soon in fact, that EVs or Electric Vehicles will be the way everyone gets around. Personally, I have my doubts, and it's not that EVs do not offer some great advantages, it's just that for widespread adoption, they also have some disadvantages especially if we are talking about everyone owning an electric automobile instead of gas driven. Let's talk, shall we?

Here are 5-major points of contention and disadvantages to electric cars:

1). Battery Life: Proponents say battery life is getting better for electric vehicles, whereas this is true, and the advances remarkable, the low-hanging fruit has been picked, and it will be harder in the future to continue this incredible trend of battery-life for volume size and cost - and yet, we need better-extended life now to help compete against other power systems available.

2). Why Switch to Batteries if Hydrogen Fuel is Our Future: Proponents say that EV technologies are here now, are efficient and better than fossil fueled engines, and we should rapidly expand the number of EVs on the road. Well, soon Hydrogen Fuel will be viable as new storage materials come to fruition and to market. There are big breakthroughs for this, now being proven. Will the EV revolution be short-lived, disrupt and destroy fossil fuel vehicles only to be up-ended in 2030 by hydrogen-fueled? If so, why bother? All we do is have massive amounts of batteries in our landfills.

3). Bolivia and China have large deposits of Lithium that is easy to get to, and in the US our lithium is harder to get to, requires more work and thus, more costly to extract. If we buy from Bolivia, we are propping up a socialist dictatorship type government that doesn't like the US. If we buy from China, they will do the same thing they did with REEs before, and make their EVs cheaper and sell them into our markets - that hurts the US Automakers and will cost jobs - something that is problematic on the political spectrum - meaning headwinds for the industry. Being held for ransom by China or Bolivia isn't wise.

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4). Extracting Lithium at 2000 feet below the ground as we are doing in the desert of CA and near the San Andreas fault using fracking methods may not be such a wise thing to do, considering the nearby Earthquake faults.

5). Electric Vehicle owners have enjoyed such things as "Diamond Lane" hi-occupancy highway or freeway lane benefits in many states even when only one person is in the vehicle. As more people buy EVs those benefits disappear along with incentives to buy an EV to save traffic congestion and time during commutes.

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There are many more disadvantages, but these are a few we ought to be considering before we are sold on this mode of transportation as our mainstay. Think about it.
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Renting Vehicles With Snow Tires

Renting Vehicles With Snow Tires

Vancouver, British Columbia does not see too much snow in the city during the winter but when it does come it is heavy, wet and causes havoc for drivers on the road. The best way to keep yourself moving and safe on the roads during these times is to get around in a vehicle with snow tires. The mountains and the roadways leading up to the resorts have snow for much of the winter season. When getting out of the city in any higher elevation, it is likely you will encounter winter conditions and therefore will require snow tires to get you to where you have to go safely.

We have outlined some of the most important things to know and reasons why to rent a vehicle properly equipped with snow tires for the winter conditions you can face in Vancouver and the surrounding British Columbia area.

All-Season Tires NOT Winter Tires

All season tires have a tendency to loose the promise their name suggests when the cold hits. Even on dry pavement, at an above freezing 5 C, a snow rated tire outperforms all season tires dramatically. A study put out by the Quebec Ministry of Transport showed that proper winters tire could improve braking by up to 25% over all-season tires and can consequently improve accident avoidance by about 38 percent. Vancouver winters temperatures will often hover around freezing so ensuring your safety with properly rated winter tires is essential.

Deeper Tread Means More Grip

Snow tires are more effective than standard tires and even all-season tires because they have deeper tread with specifically designed patterns that allows more traction in, slush and ice. They also are made with a specific rubber compound that stays softer and more flexible in the cold weather that provides more contact to the surface and thus more control.

Essential for Winter Driver Safety

Winter tires are essential for winter driving safety. They not only help you get going in the often difficult driving conditions but equally as important, they allow you to stop. It you are going to the local mountains to ski, up to Whistler or into the Interior, snow tires are often mandatory to pass for obvious safety conditions. Please do not think that your superior driving skills matter when you are sliding on ice or stock in a few inches of snow because they won't.

Renting Vehicles with Weather Appropriate Tires

Snow tires can be expensive running upwards of $250 per tire plus installation cost. It can be costly for the wallet and time especially considering the annual rush attire shops when the white stuff starts to fall. Often the best solution for the snow tire issue in a climate like Vancouver where snow is not a constant on the ground in the city but does come at different times throughout the winter... is to rent a car, van or SUV already equipped with the snow tires. Vancouver is known to get dumps for one or two days here and there, so it's tough to justify buying snow tires but yet essential if you want to drive on those days. Not only will you be driving safely in a properly equipped car for the conditions but you can save your vehicle from the dirt and damage caused by the constant salting trucks that service the road.

When you face the decision of getting a vehicle this winter season consider renting a one in with snow tires in Vancouver, vans with snow tires, and SUVs that are winter equipped. Get a rental car with snow tires, so you don't have to buy them for the few days of the winter season that the snow it on the ground or for the ski vacation you take with your family up to the mountain.

Pacific Car Rentals is an affordable, independent, family owned Vancouver car rental company. We strive to deliver quality services and provide a large selection of vehicles. We have been actively involved in the car rental business for over ten years and enjoy providing quality services to our clients.

At Pacific Car Rentals in Vancouver, we pride ourselves in providing rental vehicles for our customers that are suitable for the winter conditions that one can experience in Vancouver, BC. We want to ensure your vehicle rental experience is safe and enjoyable in any season. Pacific Car Rentals provides properly equipped SUVs as well as all sized cars and vans with snow tires to keep you going during the winter season.
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tips For Maintaining Your Car Tires

Tips For Maintaining Your Car Tyres
An essential part of car maintenance is keeping your tires in its excellent condition. Know that it is both dangerous and illegal to drive with damaged tires. When it comes to tire maintenance, there are plenty of numbers of things you must consider.

Car Tire Maintenance Tips

Rotation - Tires are usually moved from one position on the car to another to make sure that all of them have even wear and tear. Bear in mind that front tires carry more of the car's weight. Also, they tend to wear out at about twice the rate of those at the back. Hence, rotating the tires can help extend their lifespan. Manufacturers will vary in their recommendations - generally, consider rotating it every 8,000 - 10,000 km's. The common types of tire rotation are a cross rotation, straight rotation, 4 wheel drive and 5 tire rotation.

Pressure - This is very important for 2 basic reasons. First, a properly inflated tire will protect against tire damage. Second, this reduces the possibility that the car will spin out of control. It is highly advised that you check your tire pressure once a month and always before hitting the road. You must not check the pressure when the tire is hot because 4-5 PSI will be added to the recommended pressure.

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Thread Depth - Thread depth measures the depth over the face of the thread that is in contact with the road. This is very important since it will help remove water between the road and tire, making sure that the car will remain under control. Over time, tires wear out. In fact, this can be accelerated by uneven road surfaces, the tire's design and driving practices like hard braking and high-speed driving.

Wheel Alignment - This is the process of aligning the wheels and axles properly. This will make sure that your car will efficiently handle its optimum level, enhancing safety, saving fuel and protecting tires against premature wear and tear.

Wheel Balancing - This will balance the wheel and tires. It will protect the bearings and suspension; thus, stopping vibration and preventing premature tire wear. When driving at high speeds, the vibration caused by out of balance wheels is noticeable.

Whenever you are in doubt of the road worthiness of your tires, you must take them to a trusted tire specialist. These experts can check the internal and external condition of the tire. Moreover, they will check if it complies with all the proper procedures for repairing, disassembling and re-assembling. Most importantly, they will make sure that the tire is re-fitted optimally.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

This is The Top 7 Tips to Help You Drive Safely in the Rain

Driving in the rain is not as easy as walking. Driving during a heavy shower or ghastly winds may not cause fear in the drivers' mind, but none of them can ignore the challenges associated with it. Adverse weather conditions are sure to increase the potential risk of falling into a grave danger and cause a situation for you along with your family. Evidently, driving in such conditions requires your undivided attention.

Enrolling for driving lessons may help you remain prepared for emergency situations and make you confident to drive in inclement weather. Moreover, you should be well accustomed with the possible downturns that may come in your way and take necessary safety precautions. Here are some quick tips for driving in the rain.

  • Turn on wipers: This is possibly is the foremost thing you should do when it starts raining abruptly. It not only helps in keeping your windshield clean but increases your visibility. It will be wise for you to replace the wipers every year for preventing any unwanted occurrence. Moreover, it is advised to use hydrophobic washers that will make the water drop.
  • Switch on the headlights: Turning the lights on is the other essential thing you need to do as soon as it starts pouring even if there is daylight.
  • Drive slow: It can prove to be foolish on your part to keep a high speed while it is raining. High speed will increase the chances of the skid and ultimately lead you to meet with an accident. To ensure your traction with the wet roads, you must slow down your speed.
  • Eyes on the road: You are required to be extremely focused while you are driving in the rain. Turn off the music if possible and stay glued to the road ahead. Moreover, it is the best time to drive utilizing both of your hands.
  • Don't smash the brakes: An essential tip you can follow is not to be harsh the brakes whenever you want. If you do it often on the wet roads, you may end up sliding or skidding forward. You may lose control as you wallop the brakes. Moreover, as you smash the brakes hard, your car brakes will be filled with water and cause malfunction as well. Slowing down the accelerator is a better option for such occasions.
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  • Maintain safe distance: It is mandatory that you don't act smart and try to speed up when there is too much traffic. Keep at least 5 feet distance from the car in front of you. Leaving the required space in front of the car will help you to avoid accidents.
  • Take slow turns: Drive as slow as possible while you are taking turns. Making sharp turns during rain may lead you to skid and meet with an unexpected accident. According to the experts, you need to decrease the speed of your car for about a third, while it starts raining.

You may also try wearing polarized glasses for obtaining better visibility. Following the guidelines of driving learning schools will help you in acquiring necessary knowledge regarding driving in adverse climate.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Is It Feasible To Get Your BMW Or Mercedes-Benz Car Serviced At A Local Garage?

Having luxurious cars like BMW and Mercedes-Benz in it-self is pride for an owner. But along with this it also imperative for the owners of these cars to look after their proper maintenance to enjoy flawless driving of their beloved car. Therefore when it comes to servicing of these cars as a general practice, the owners of these cars prefer to get them serviced at a local garage in front of their eyes to enjoy peace of mind about the service. For most of the people, this might be quite surprising as getting such expensive cars serviced at local garage might be fairly risky as most of the mechanics working in these garages are a novice. Whereas getting the car serviced from the original dealer of car assures you that your car is in the hands of experts.

However, the fact is that all these are myths which are developed by the experiences experienced by the people. But, the fact is that not all the local garage operators are same, most of the garages are constituted by the group of experienced and trained mechanics who are well-versed with complete mechanism of your beloved car and offer their services at quite lower costs as compared to charges taken by the mechanics working at dealer's workshop. The first reason which seems to be responsible for getting the car serviced from BMW or Mercedes-Benz dealership is due to warranty offered by the original manufacturer of the car. Going through this belief most of the car owners prefer to get their car serviced at their dealership. Whereas the picture at the other side is completely different and surprising.

According to EC Block Exemption Regulation Act, the owners of BMW cars can get their car serviced from any of the authorized garages for these cars without affecting warranty or any other endorsement made by the manufacturer regarding the performance of the car. The act further entitles the local garage operators to strictly make use of Original Equipment "Matching Quality" parts for replacing the defective parts and changing the oil, and fuel filters, etc. Use of original parts as manufactured by the original manufacturer is helpful in offering peace of mind to the car owners to a huge extent.

Not only this the local garage offering the service of BMW is also expected to follow the service schedule of the car in accordance to service maintenance chart determined by the original manufacturer. Various motorists believe that the private servicing operators are not aware of the service table of their vehicle, whereas the reality is that these garages are capable of collecting the history of your vehicle from the database provided by the original manufacturer. This information facilitates them to inspect only those parts which require intensive checking and which would have been changed by the franchise of their car. The Block Exemption Regulation bounds all the garage operators to offer the same level of service to their customers as the dealer would have offered them.

Talking about the other benefits which you can enjoy by getting your car serviced at these garages is that these garage operators do not have extra servicing stations and therefore they are free from the tension of investing funds towards the maintenance of those stations. As the result of this their service charges are quite reasonable as compared to charges charged by dealers.

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Well, the above-mentioned factors are not only feasible for BMW car owners, but also for the owners of Mercedes-Benz car too, they can also get their car serviced by franchise dealer with an expectation of getting the car serviced by the trained technicians. Whereas the fact is that going through the EC Block Exemption Regulation Act the owners of Mercedes-Benz car can also get their car serviced from any of the garage having expertise in their servicing without invalidating their warranty period.

So, now if you have any doubt regarding the working of local garages specializing in BMW & Mercedes-Benz Servicing then you can visit them without any second thoughts of invalidation of your warranty record and also see their working culture before handing your car to them for servicing.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Do I Need Car Radiator Repair?

Your car's radiator is critical because it prevents the engine from overheating. Every time you drive your vehicle, your engine produces high levels of heat. Without a properly functioning radiator, your vehicle's heat levels cannot be managed, which can lead to serious safety issues and automotive damage. Continue reading to learn more about car radiators, and the common signs that suggest it needs to be repaired.

How They Work

Radiators pump coolant through the inner components of your engine. The coolant absorbs the heat that the engine produces and then travels back to the radiator where it is rapidly cooled. The entire cycle is continuous and constant while you drive. On a side note, coolant also doubles as anti-freeze and prevents your engine from freezing up in cold temperatures.
Radiator Problems

Since radiators are the primary component of a vehicle's cooling system, it is vital for them to remain in good condition. When a radiator begins to have issues, you will usually start to notice the signs. The most common symptoms include overheating engines, coolant leaks, low coolant levels, and sludge in the radiator. Look below for a brief description of each sign and why they occur.

Overheating Engine - The most common sign that your radiator is in need of service or repair is an overheating engine. Sometimes, all you need is some more coolant to take care of an overheated engine. But when the overheating persists, it is a sign that your radiator needs attention.

Leaking Coolant - The next most common sign that a radiator needs repairing is seeing coolant on the ground beneath your vehicle. This is usually caused by a leak in your coolant tubes or a crack in the radiator shell, and it is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Low Coolant Levels - If you notice that you are refilling your car's coolant too frequently, that means your vehicle is either using too much too quickly, or you have a coolant leak somewhere. Both are serious issues that require immediate automotive repair.

Sludge - You probably won't discover sludge in your radiator on your own. It is more likely that your mechanic will come across it during a routine service appointment or while making unrelated repairs. Sludge in your radiator means there is an excessive amount of contaminants in your coolant. The contaminants will give coolant, usually brightly-colored, to a rusty or oily color. It is commonly caused by a faulty transmission cooler inside the radiator. Not all vehicles have this.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Your Own Guide to Brake Shoes Replacement For a Vehicle

Brakes are among the most important safety tools for any vehicle. Most people only look into how fast a car can go, but it is equally important to consider how quickly and efficiently a vehicle can be brought to a complete stop. A good set of brakes on a car can draw a line between life and death in dire cases. This is why it is important to keep a look out for the wearing of your brakes and invest in good spares when opting for a brake shoe replacement at appropriate intervals. Here is a guide to help you understand the importance of choosing the right kinds of suit your vehicle and ensure that the vehicle has optimal stopping power at all times.

Drum vs. Disc 
Disc brakes and drum brakes are the two most commonly used braking systems in modern vehicles. A disc brake has two disc pads on either side of a brake rotor. When the brakes are applied, a caliper action forces these discs to squeeze against the rotor, which in turn slows down the wheel, eventually stopping it. These are usually found in the front wheels of modern vehicles.

The drum brakes, however, have a set of brake shoes that are set up on the inside of a brake rotor. When brakes are applied, these are expanded and push against the wall of the rotor to bring the vehicle to a complete halt. Drums are part of an older technology and are traditionally used in the rear wheels vehicles. In both cases, the braking mechanisms use friction to stop the vehicle. Thus, brake shoe replacement should be done on a regular basis as the wear down, or at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. This is to ensure that your vehicle has optimal braking power at all times.

Disc brakes are considered to be safer and more efficient than their drum counterparts because discs can dissipate heat much more efficiently when compared to drum brakes. Discs are also generally more consistent in their operation. These properties make discs one of the most desired braking systems for vehicle manufacturers. However, disc brakes are costlier than drum brakes, owing to their complexity in the manufacture. Thus vehicle manufacturers still rely on drum brakes to do 50% of the braking in most vehicles.

Types of brake shoes 
Car brake shoes are of four types, and the classification is based purely on their compositional materials. They are-

Semi-Metallic Brake Shoes: Like the name suggests, these types of made of a combination of metallic and organic materials in the ratio of 30:70. These are highly durable and are among the most commonly used brake shoes. However, they do wear out the rotors faster than their counterparts under extreme braking conditions since the material does not dissipate heat efficiently.

Non-Asbestos Organic brake pads: Commonly known as NAO, these are made of natural materials like glass, rubber, fiber or even Kevlar. They are quite soft and do not make as much noise as the metallic brake shoes. However, they do wear out quickly even under nominal conditions and tend to create a lot of brake dust.

Low Metallic NAO: These are Organic that is infused with trace amounts of metal such as copper or steel to improve braking efficiency and heat dissipation. However, the addition of metal also increases the generation of brake dust and noise when braking.

Ceramic Brake Shoes: Ceramic are high-end products that are made of ceramic fibers infused in filler materials. These are extremely quiet and produce virtually no dust when compared to the metallic and NAO-type. They do not wear out the rotors as fast as others do. However, they are quite expensive and are used primarily on higher-end vehicles.

Choosing the type of vehicle you drive and what you can afford. Smaller or slower road cars can use semi-metallic shoes with no adverse consequences. However, if you need to replace brake shoes of bigger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs, or faster cars, you might have to invest in more expensive low metallic or ceramic.

How to choose the right brake shoes

One of the first things to consider when choosing brake shoes is your driving requirements and the type of vehicle you drive. This includes the most common types of terrain you will be driving on, the ambient temperature of where you live, how much traffic you encounter on a regular basis and the quality of the roads.

Next, you will have to think about the type of brake you will buy. For regular city traffic, a semi-metallic should do just fine. However, if you find the need for better/ stronger braking capabilities, you will have to invest in ceramic type. If you are unsure of the kind of brake shoes your vehicle needs, you can look into the manufacturer's specification to find an appropriate set.

Once you have decided on the type of brake shoes replacement you need. You will then have to choose from the numerous brands that are available in the markets. This can be a harrowing process, considering the number of options you have at your disposal. This is why it is necessary to do optimal research before buying brake shoes. In most cases, it is recommended that your replace the existing with the same make and model that the car manufacturer had installed. If you know a trusted mechanic, you can take his help in determining the right brake shoes for your vehicle. With a professional by your side, you will be able to find and install the right kind of brake shoes to suit your driving style and vehicle.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

4 Rules to Follow While Approaching a Car Mechanic

 Rules to Follow While Approaching a Car Mechanic

A recent study revealed that most cars on the road these days have an average longevity of 10-11 years and if maintained well and attended by expert mechanics, it is likely to last longer. Owning a car is an investment in itself even though it is no longer a luxury that the wealthy could afford. It is a machine at the end of the day and with regular wear and tear, the parts are likely to stop functioning after a certain point in time if not take care of at the right time.

All cars need servicing and maintenance once in a while, and it isn't a task that you can undertake all by yourself. Therefore, the presence of a mechanic is something that is imperative especially when you want to keep your assets working just as fine for years altogether. You are likely to come across numerous experts around you who would guarantee the best results, but you cannot just trust any random person. Checking the various aspects associated with their skills, you are to come to a conclusion.

When dealing the right mechanic for your car, you are to follow a few rules that would be beneficial for the both of you and here is a discourse to simplify things for you.

Ensure excellent communication - Even if the mechanic is an expert with cars, it is eventually a vehicle that belongs to you. It is you who would know the specific problems that your car is facing. You could try noting down any minute irregularity or change in the way the car functions and letting the mechanic know about it. While you let them know the details, it becomes easy on their part to ensure that the problems are resolved almost immediately and further keep a check on other issues that the car may face. Leaving it all to the mechanic to figure out may not be the right option as they would be driving it about to figure out the problems.

Have realistic expectations - There are numerous mechanics who would promise quick solutions, but it isn't always the case when they would attend to you the moment you approach them. There may be numerous other cars queued up ahead of yours, and thus there is a need to be patient. You cannot expect quick and super-fast services from their end as it does require time to analyze, repair, test and finally deliver you a car that is back to normal.

Do not send across a dirty vehicle - Even though your car doesn't function the way it should, you are expected to have the courtesy to help them with a washed and clean car. While working on the problematic areas of the car, the mechanic would have to otherwise waste time in cleaning your vehicle rather than paying attention to what he is supposed to do. Helping out with a clean vehicle would initiate the repairs in a better way without having to worry about the dirt and clutter.

Let them do their work - The mechanic understands that it is your car, and you are to know what it is going through during the repair and maintenance process but that doesn't mean you are to hover around them when they are at work. This would, by all means, make you interfere in their work process which isn't acceptable. While you have chosen them given the knowledge and experience they have on car repair and maintenance, you are to trust them on whatever they would undertake and not be pokey all the time.

The author Cathy Smith has had experiences with hiring experts on engine repairs in Sunshine Coast along with relevant information on those who undertake major car service.

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tips On How To Find A Great Repair Facility & Mechanic

What Are You Looking For? 

The first thing you need to consider is how well you want your vehicle fixed and how reliable you want it to be. I know this may seem unnecessary, but in this world, there are a ton of different people who have different standards. The person with a $1,000 beater is not going to go to the same shop or dealer as the person with a $20,000 vehicle. So, before you determine what shop to go to and what mechanic you want working on your car, think about what standards you want.

Start Big And Then Narrow Your Sights 

The second thing you must do is try different shops around where you live. In the online world, you can check reviews or forums for other people's opinions, but the simple fact is that you won't know until you try it. So, once you have decided what standard you have for your vehicle, you should pick 3 or more different shops in your area (if there are that many) and take any issues you have with your vehicle to them. Instead of having it fixed at the first shop you try, go to 3 or more stores with the same concern and see what differs between each of them. Each one should have a particular inspection method to look your vehicle over. Find the one that fits your liking the best, and whatever one gives you the best explanation of your concern or issue with the car.

The Most Important Factor 

Now that you have an idea of how well they look over your vehicle and how well they can explain what your issues are you can narrow it down by price, personality, professionalism, certifications, or any other attribute that you deem the most important. The original 3 or more choices will more than likely be down to one or two at this point. The last and most important factor in singling it down to that one shop or mechanic can be simply asking the mechanic or manager what experience they have had in the past and where they want to go in the future. Some of the best mechanics or managers I've ever met believe in what they are doing as incredibly important and fascinating. These attributes will assure a long-term relationship with the shop or mechanic that will keep your vehicle in great condition for years to come regardless of the issues you come across down the road.

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